The Bruising Pit


The Bruising Pit is an experimental comic that started out in the 1990’s in the cult small press comic 15 Nuns.

It plays around with the traditional comic-book narrative format.

Early issues were journeys dictated by references rather than situations, and weren’t hindered by character development or cause and effect.

HMS Crackle Wagon was physically crammed between the panels of the pirate meta-story in the Watchmen. It combined information about a variety of pirate ships with how to perform locked-room murders.

HMS Boogie Part Farmer has done away with any normal link between text and image, in which the main character is undead and whose mind operates in a Burroughs-style cut-up fashion.

Most issues feature the main characters Kenny Lung, Bobby Clamp and Walter Benjamin, and are joined by a range of figures from popular culture.