HMS Crackle Wagon


An experimental narrative that could be construed as an act of piracy in itself.

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A fragmented series of scenes (About:
piracy, themselves, acts of piracy;
slipper production;
accident claims;
murders, investigated by Taggart, who then gives John Dickson-Carr’s Locked Room Lecture.)
slotted between the panels of Tales of the Black Freighter in Watchmen by Alan Moore.

Starring Kenny Lung as Alan, Bobby Clamp as Mr Carr and Walter Benjamin as Taggart.

This is a non-commercial work of art that researches (among many things) copyright piracy and authorship. It is also a creative, analytical critique of the works mentioned above, and in no way intends to portray them in a derogatory manner.

28 full-colour pages

Dimensions 17 × 26 cm